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Data cataloger for documents, files, hyperlinks, programs, folders, and notes
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1 December 2014

Editor's review

At any given day, anyone of us can have several document files and database files to store up and manage for varied operations and requirements at a time. Further, as a working professional, we might have several different files and folders to look through and work with that can facilitate recording critical information and database as desired. In order to carefully keep all the designated folders aligned together for easy reference, certain amount of efforts are required which obviously consume time and energy on all fronts. The key would be to have one particular program that can easily help in having the simplest tasks assigned neatly and carefully without any hassles. ModusDoc 4.5.98 is a utility that works on such basis and easily organizes documents and files for user comfort.

ModusDoc 4.5.98 opens with a neatly organized interface with the chief options placed at the top pane and the left panel displaying the categories and folder lists. The main screen shows the detailed list of documents that have been arranged with the assistance of this program, in a database form for quick and simple navigation. The files can be maintained as table entries and the user can directly filter system placed just above the tabs and groups which makes any information easily searchable. Moreover, the information group can include documents and shortcuts and links can be established for more than one document and can help in presenting with several groups at one time. The drag and drop workability of the program makes it more convenient and comfortable for any kind of user to arrange documents as per this application.

To sum up, ModusDoc certainly works as a useful and constructive application that can easily work as a document and file manager and hence gets a rating of four points for its suitable performance.

Publisher's description

Universal data cataloger ModusDoc was designed for cataloging diverse data: documents, e-books, audio books, movies, photos and other files, hyperlinks, programs, folders and notes in a database for the purpose of gaining quick and convenient access to them.
Documents and other files can be stored directly in ModusDoc's database or the database can store the hyperlinks to these documents/files.
ModusDoc data cataloger allows creating an unlimited number of databases. Each ModusDoc can have individual configuration: have hidden or rearranged columns, added new ones of various types (symbolic, textual, numeric, logical, date, date and time).
Each ModusDoc database consists of a GROUPS and a RECORDS table. Groups are presented on two tabs, Index (linear structure) and Tree (hierarchical structure); the program generates the tree automatically!
The filtering (selection) tools located immediately above the group tabs and above each field of the records table allows locating required data quickly and conveniently.
A group can contain documents and other files (both embedded and bound, as hyperlinks), shortcuts to the applications that created these documents, hyperlinks to Internet resources related to documents and programs presented in the group, as well as folder shortcuts and notes.
A hyperlink (shortcut) to the same object (document, program, folder, etc.) can be presented in multiple groups simultaneously.
You can add any documents to ModusDoc database, including e-books, audio books, movies, photos and other files, shortcuts or folders, by simply dragging them with the mouse. You can drag hyperlinks, selected text, e-mail messages - ModusDoc cataloger will automatically create the respective records (hyperlinks or notes). Moreover, you can add all objects located in a folder by simply selecting the folder in the dialog!
Version 6.2.234
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